Redacción  At we talk a lot about beauty. We love talking about haircuts ; of coloration tendencies ; of creams that you can use in a thousand and one ways; of cutting-edge treatments; of fitness routines for those who want to play sports; of alternatives to the gym for those who do not like to do it -because going to the gym is not an obligation-; of women who do not put on makeup and who enjoy doing it a lot . We like beauty and we like to share each and every one of the options that exist with you. We are women and we are fans of women and we like to put all the cards on the table, all the alternatives of beauty and well-being that exist. We are not perfect (and we love it). Nobody is. We have good days, days in which we feel we do not get to everything , days when we want to paint our lips red and days in which we rein vindicate the benefits of going with a washed face .

We like to talk about beauty with women who inspire us, but not only for the simple and banal curiosity of knowing how to take care of them, but because talking to them we learn a lot about life , from other women, how to feel good also helps us to be happier . Because yes, when we talk about beauty, we not only want you to find an answer to those doubts that may arise about your body, about your skin, about your hair. When we talk about beauty, the ultimate goal is that you feel good as you are . As you want to be. We do not want to change you, or look like any of the women we talked about. We want you to be and that you feel good. That’s why today we want to celebrate beauty with each and every one of the positive messages we learned by talking to them, with women who, in one way or another, change the world. Because all women are changing it.

Cate Blanchett or why we should not believe in beauty as a traditional concept
A long time ago we talked about beauty with the actress , about fetish cosmetics, about things that made her feel good. But from that long conversation today we want to remember this: his answer when we asked him about his definition of beauty . “It’s a Zen concept, a reduction of something / someone to its quintessence, to its essence … I find that things that are beautiful, like objects, people or ideas, can not live as anything other than what they are, and beauty resides in that. Personally, I think I am more authentic as I am now than I was 10 years ago, “she told us, and added one more reflection:”Beauty is something that is constantly developing.. It is not static. For example, a flower is just as beautiful when it is still closed as when it has fully blossomed. He has an apparent beauty that develops at every stage of his life. ”

The only secret of beauty that could be worth this (by Marta Nieto)

Marta Nieto pratica yoga, is vegan and believes in all the good that natural cosmetics have . But when we ask her for her best beauty secret, she answers with something as resounding as this: “My beauty secret is to be grateful,happiness is an attitude that comes from being grateful,” she said. And the words of the actress are more than demonstrated: because gratitude has very positive consequences on our physical and emotional wellbeing. And that’s what it is about.

Find the things that make you happy. Magdalena Frackowiak says it and she does it
With the model Magdalena Frackowiak we talk about health, wellness, pure and hard beauty, cosmetics, treatments, sports routine … But before starting that list of practical tricks, the model laid the foundations of what is for her the beauty. “My best beauty trick was given to me by my mother: be happy because happiness is longevity,” she told us. And that’s why she constantly searches for the things that make her happy: a trip with friends, a relationship with someone she loves, turning her bathtub into the best spa in the world …

Blake Lively: “Beauty is not something you can wear every morning”
There was a time when we talked about beauty with the actress. And of all its secrets we are left with this reflection that we could turn into philosophy of life: “I do not believe in beauty as a traditional concept. The most beautiful people I have ever met in my life were people who were happy, kind to others. Beauty is not something you can wear every morning. It means feeling lucky, being happy, striving to be a good person … That’s worth more than any trick to fix your hair. ” And so be it.

RE-LA-TI-VI-ZA (in the image and likeness of Juana Acosta)

The Colombian actress does not believe in miracle diets or magical creams. But that does not matter today. What matters is the reflection he makes on his best secret of beauty. “My most precious secret was taught to me by a very dear friend and it is this: to speed up disappointments”. That’s why when we talk about beauty we also talk about relativizing. And know how to find in your day to day moments and things that really make you happy. Juana has it clear: her favorite moment is to wake up her daughter Lola every morning. “I wake her up with mimes and we hug for a little while before getting out of bed,” she says. Think now in those moments because I’m sure you have many.

Beauty is, above all, spirit and energy. Kate Hudson says Kate Hudson

had an interesting conversation with make-up artist Paul Starr in his book On Beautyof which we are left with a single sentence for all that it means. “I see beauty as spirit and energy, sometimes the most beautiful women in the world do not inspire me, but the ones that go forward with spirit and self-confidence enchant me”. We also Kate.

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